Without You there's No Us!

Michael and I wanted to reach out to say a personal thank you for joining us over the last 5 weeks in May and making our Next Step Forward Program such a big success!

While we taking some time over the coming weeks to review what we can improve on and what will be best for us going forward, that doesn’t mean you should be idle waiting for us.

There is no Us without You!

We want to help you build a path your own success, and this is why we took the time to integrate your success toolkit into your wellness workbook after each session.

Each of these workbook assignments provide us with valuable feedback. Without you, and your feedback, we won't know what the best direction is for us to take.

If you attended the wrap up session, you’ll already know we put together a short survey that shouldn't take longer than 15min. If you can complete this in the next few days that would be super helpful to help enable us to plan for new programs and services. Link here: https://forms.gle/mxkYSj7mJ8hmNYVD6

What if I missed one or multiple sessions?

No worries! You can go back to review each webinar and workbook lesson on our website. I'd encourage you to sign up as a member, that way you'll be notified when we release any updates. https://www.enable4us.com/

What’s Next?

We mentioned in our last webinar that we are launching a virtual support group. We're looking to bring in a group of 20-30 survivors and connect you in smaller groups of maximum 5 per call. With a smaller group it will be easier to chat and get to know each other, or re-connect with familiar faces over the next few weeks. If you'd be interested in participating in a virtual support group please contact us with your intent.

Here's that link again! https://www.enable4us.com/virtual-events

Have a great week ahead and we’ll be in touch soon!