What Bothers You Most About Stroke?

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Nearly a year ago, our mission with EnableUS began with this simple question-

What Bothers You the Most About Stroke?

We asked that to help better understand our community's needs or more specifically why YOU may have reached out to us for help.

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At EnableUs, we realize it’s important to know what moves you, or what problems you face as a stroke survivor and or caregiver. In a nutshell, we want to help determine if you are simply surviving your stroke or are you thriving after your stroke?

If you describe yourself as a thriver, we certainly want to know your secret recipe to your success. If you describe your stroke journey as a survivor, we want to know what barriers are in your way to reaching your full potential.

We realize the answers you provide don’t make the solutions that simple. We know no two strokes are the same. A stroke is an unpredictable event and strikes us without warning. A diagnosis of stroke brings much uncertainty and with it many physician visits, tests, and often more questions than answers. We also know that everyone has a certain level of potential recovery available to them and most don’t fully tap into that potential because there are many questions that need answered to best treat and prevent further strokes.

Questions like:
  • “What will my future bring?”

  • “What can I do today to improve my health, help heal my brain, and reduce my risks of another event?”

  • “Where can I go for support in my community?”

  • “Do I need to be on medication for the rest of my life?”

  • “Will I need to go to therapy and for how long and which type of therapy works best for my condition.

  • “How will I afford these treatments and services and what will my insurance cover?”

  • “Will I be able to return to work?”

  • “Are there new therapy options and research opportunities that I can try to improve my recovery from stroke?”

  • “How will my friends and family feel about me and how can I ask them for help when I’m not really feeling ‘OK’ ?”

  • "What are my recovery options on my budget? "

  • "What are the secondary impacts of stroke? "

  • “Is stroke recovery really possible?”

  • "What about this thing they call a plateau?"

  • "What about my longevity and brain health?"

  • "Is my lifespan compromised because of my stroke??"

And the most frequently asked question and concern in our stroke community right now-

How is the current COVID pandemic going to affect my health and my ability to receive ongoing services or if I am faced with another life-threatening stroke will I have help?

If you and your family are living with stroke, you want answers to these questions now.

I know I did as well.

My name is David Dansereau, I’m a father, physical therapist and until about a week ago, described myself as a stroke survivor. Today, after a recent group virtual stroke support meeting at EnableUs, I’m considering myself a stroke thriver as one of our TEAM EnableUs members recently described himself!

I’ll be telling my full story in an upcoming interview on EnableUs Stroke Stories and via our next podcast, and we’ll be inviting more stroke thrivers to join us there as well to share their secrets to success. For now, it is important that you know why I’m part of the mission here and one of the Team Co-Founders at EnableUs.

Just as we have asked many of you to identify your why in your own journey through our Next Step Forward Program my why has remained steadfast to drive better recovery for stroke. It has remained important for me to stay connected with the stroke community and the health professionals, researchers, innovators and stroke stakeholders throughout the world who are looking to deliver better stroke outcomes.

I consider it my duty as both a stroke survivor and a physical therapist to be part of this discovery process and solution. I am not anonymous, I have put my face and heart* in front of this mission for over 14 years since my stroke. If you don’t know me I hope you’ll take the time to learn I’m a resilient person who had to figure out how how to rebalance life, family, finances, my marriage and my families security with 3 young children all under the age of 7 at the time of my stroke.

My mission with know-stroke.org and now on a global scale with my Co-Founder Michael Garrow at EnableUs is dedicated to accelerating research efforts in stroke by using digital tools to improve collaboration among all stroke stakeholders, support treatment and expand opportunities to optimize recovery outcomes. To accomplish this bold vision, we are looking to take on new partners for collaboration and acceleration of this mission.

Developing new evidence-based pathways and patient engagement opportunities will be at the heart of what we plan to do with the development of our new stroke engagement platform. We’ve engaged with some of the best technologies and tools through our research and discovery mission and we want to help you connect with our support and advocacy groups to expand these recovery team partnerships. We hope to make this marketplace a reality as we plan and build out pilots for phase two of this integration in the Fall.

Bottom Line: This process begins by hearing from you!

Your help in contributing to our stroke interviews, engaging in our stroke thriver virtual support communities and Next Step Forward Course and webinar series will enable us to complete phase one of the projects aim to build:

  • New pathways to respond to what bothers you the most about stroke.

  • Improved research and interventions focused on improving the health and well-being of survivors and caregivers.

  • Better staging and support for your level of readiness for health change to optimize the quality of life and maximize your potential well being.

  • Outcome data tracking to help improve stroke research and provide patients with evidence-based pathways to support treatment decisions.

As Co-Founders of EnableUs, Michael and I look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime-

Keep The Faith but have extreme focus if you want to recover and thrive!

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