Supporting Stroke Awareness Month with #TeamEnableUs

Michael Garrow here saying hello to the Enable.Us community from Dublin, Ireland.

Myself and David Dansereau are the co-founders of Enable.Us.

We’re on a mission to support life after stroke by connecting survivors and caregivers online with clinical care teams and rehab providers. Our mission at Enable.Us is passion driven. I grew up the son of a stroke survivor and David himself is a stroke survivor and physical therapist who works with many stroke survivors. We’ve both seen the impact of life after stroke and want to do our part to make a difference.

We are launching an app with personalized education and coaching specific to survivor and caregiver needs. Clinical care teams will be getting access to a secure platform to deliver telehealth and capture outcomes of rehab in the home. The community will also have access to marketplace of stroke rehabilitation providers that have created apps and medical devices that deliver advanced personalized recovery at home.

Enable.Us is building a community of stroke survivors, caregivers, clinical care teams and rehab providers that are coming together to take control and support Life After Stroke.

Everyone has their story when it comes to taking control or supporting of Life After Stroke.

We want to hear your story and support for the mission here at Enable.Us

Please post a 30 second - 1 minute video clip on social media using #TeamEnableUs and tag @Enable_Us

We will be sharing your stories over social in month of May - Stroke Awareness Month.

If you are not on social media or uncomfortable with sharing your story on social media, we've created a #TeamEnableUs forum for you to write a post. There is no pressure to share but it's always nice to hear others going through the same thing. View the forum here.

Find us on social @ Enable_Us - #TeamEnableUs




Before you go!

Our FREE 5 week virtual program - Enabling Next Step Forward kicks of Friday May 1st.

If you have yet to register you can learn more about the program and sign up by clicking the image below.

Thank you, David and I look forward to hearing from you all!


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