Next Step Forward: What We've Covered & What's Still To Come!

We are passing the half way point this Friday for our Enable Us Next Step Forward Program with our kickoff throughout Stroke Awareness Month. If you missed our program launch announcement you can read about it here. If you missed a previous session, you can learn more and register for a replay of those sessions below.

What We've Covered So Far!

  • Session 1:  Finding Your “Why” | Course Introduction |Getting Started-Program Goal Setting- Acquiring the tools to begin your health journey. Missed it? Watch the Replay!

  • Session 2:  Self Management | Breaking down your lifestyle into a balanced plan. Checklist with steps to check your balance Missed it? Watch the Replay!

What's Coming Up?

  • Session 3: Friday, May 15th - Let’s Get Moving! Simple Home Exercises | Tools, Tips and Tricks -Designing a smart safe mobility plan.

Register here for tomorrow's session!

  • Session 4: Friday, May 22nd - Exploring Mindfulness |Stress and Tone | How to use low tech and high tech solutions to ensure your success.

  • Session 5: Friday, May 29th - Keep Moving Forward! |Putting it all together | Next Steps-How to Keep Your Body in Balance with Team Enable.Us!

Remember to go back and complete your Wellness Toolkit each week. At the end of the programme this will be put together and sent to you as a reference point with tips to take control of life after stroke! View your Toolkit here:

Stay safe, healthy, and keep moving forward!

Michael & David