Listen and Learn about New Gait: A tool to help in training for mobility and gait restoration

Know Stroke Podcast Season 1 Episode 6

Co-Hosts David Dansereau | Michael Garrow

Interview with Benga Adeeko CEO | Co-Founder of New Gait

As a former Division 1 college sprinter, USA Track & Field Level 1 certified coach, and professionally licensed mechanical engineer, Benga had the passion and know-how to develop The SpeedMaker, which is a training device used by athletes to increase strength and power in the hip extensors. In this episode, we discuss how similar performance enhancement mechanics of the SpeedMaker were eventually carried over into healthcare to assist individuals with gait and mobility impairments. We discuss this rewarding product pivot into rehabilitation which led to the development of New Gait, an assistive mobility aid that can provide help in training for movement pattern restoration. We dive into how his technology can be used both in the clinic to assist therapists as well as for rehab use at home to safely increase gait training practice. Benga also shares a rewarding personal story about how his technology recently helped a close friend’s mom improve her gait confidence after her stroke.

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