Know Stroke Podcast Launches

Earlier this month, we announced we’d be launching a new effort to expand the reach of our stroke advocacy audience through podcasting. Well, we did just that!

With the live launch of the KnowStroke podcast in May we’ve now also expanded upon the success and outreach of our Next Step Forward Program we launched in May 2000 during the height of the pandemic. If you missed the first episode I suggest you give it a listen as Michael and I once again share our own 'Why' and journeys that led us to Co-Founding EnableUs.

If you missed the launch I think you’ll agree we got off to a fast start in May recording and producing five podcast episodes!

Here’s what you may have missed and the links to each episode.

Know Stroke Podcast

The goal of our podcast is to get you caught up on the latest stroke science, worldwide community support collaborations and interview top researchers, rehabilitation technologies and health care experts in the field.

-Know Stroke Podcast Co-Hosts David Dansereau and Michael Garrow

Episode One: Michael and I recap the 2020 that was such a challenge for our community and touch on our personal stories related to stroke and explain our ‘why’ for launching this podcast as well as co-founding EnableUs. Listen to this Episode

Episode Two: David and Mike were joined by their first guest, stroke survivor Caroline Goggin, former Ch12/Fox reporter in Providence and now reporter for 7News Boston. Caroline also is the voice and talent behind our show intro! Listen to this Episode

Episode Three: In this episode we interview Lauren Souders, the current Clinical Manager for Neurolutions, Inc a neuro-rehabilitation company developing break-through solutions that use the patient’s own brain activity to facilitate motor recovery. Listen to the Episode

Episode Four: In this episode we went on location to Franklin, MA to speak with Peter Kaplan, Head of Marketing at Theracycle | XThera Corporation. Unlike traditional exercise equipment including stationary bikes that must be powered entirely by the user, a THERACYCLE works with your body to help users exercise for longer periods and maintain a speed shown to reduce neurological symptoms and improve outcomes. Listen to this Episode

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Hosted By: Co-Founders David Dansereau and Michael Garrow

Along with my co-founding partner at EnableUs, Michael Garrow, we want to thank you for being on this journey with EnableUs to continue our common mission-driven goal of improving life after stroke for survivors and caregivers.

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