Know Stroke Podcast Episode 8: Seamus Small | Co-Founder and CEO Kinesis Health Technologies

In our latest episode of the Know Stroke Podcast it was our pleasure to welcome Seamus Small, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kinesis Health Technologies an innovative health technology company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Before starting Kinesis, Seamus had a poor experience rehabbing a back injury and thought there can be something more done to track progress in-between visits with his doctor. Coupled with his own dissatisfaction during rehab, his father suffered a stroke and again saw the disconnect between provider and patient. His company is focused on falls prevention as well as gait and mobility assessment. QTUG, is their proprietary technology for clinicians and researchers which uses body worn sensors combined with a standard clinical test (the Timed Up and Go - TUG) to better assess risk of falls, gait and mobility.

In this episode Seamus discussed their latest product, Kinesis Balance, a consumer friendly smartphone application for remote monitoring and self-assessment of balance and falls risk. This new tech uses machine learning algorithms combined with questionnaires and wearable or smartphone sensors to provide reliable assessment of balance and falls risk in the home and give users more control and insight into their daily mobility and safety. It is currently available for free in the Google Play store.

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