A Week for the History Books

If there was ever a Sunday that needed time to reflect on the week gone, I'd say this was up there for me personally. This past week has shown that a like-mined community with determination and self belief can cultivate change at the grandest of scales - something stroke survivors know a thing or two about, and what our mission here at EnableUs is all about.

A Virtual World

Ireland has been in a full lockdown since the 19th of October, so my weekends have been packed full of long walks enjoying the autumn colours. However, this weekend had me stuck to the laptop as I participated in my first ever VIRTUAL conference. The World Stroke Organisation and Eurpoean Stroke Organisation combined conference kicked off Saturday morning and finishes tomorrow. Although I would have loved to be in Vienna, Austria (thanks Covid) it was amazing to see how well everyone adapted to a virtual conference and stimulated conversation. I was delighted to see stroke rehab, secondary prevention and discussions around technologies role to support stroke being front and center.

One particular session this morning is worth a mention. Led by Prof Julie Bernhardt from Australia and Prof Nick Ward from the UK focused on access to rehabilitation.

The More the Better - More Therapy Can Improve Recovery

If you are on twitter, I suggest searching the hashtag #ESOWSO2020 to look back at some of the conversations and topics discussed.

What's coming in 2021 for the EnableUs community?

This week also saw us take a step forward with our planed development of the EnableUs platform. Over the next few weeks we'll be asking folks to participate and give feedback on the usability of the first iteration of our product to support you on your journey with life after stroke.

The EnableUs Platform

A digital care programme to support with self-management and access to a thrive coach providing support on your journey to take control of life after stroke - and become a Stroke #Thriver!

If you're interested in learning more about how to share early feedback please drop me an email at michael.garrow@enable4us.com

Next week I'll be introducing you to a team member that has been doing brilliant work behind the scenes supporting our clinical framework and content creation. If you'd like a sneak peak of who this might be, re-watch the Let's Get Moving webinar from the Next Step Forward Programme!

Have a great week and remember, together you have the power to become Stroke Thrivers.

Keep safe,



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