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All of us are experiencing anxiety and isolation arising from the coronavirus pandemic—a situation made harder for stroke survivors and their caregivers. The goal of this program is to help survivors and their caregivers thrive with life after stroke. Enabling the Next Step Forward is a FREE, five-week program delivered virtually. Weekly webinars will be hosted by our co-founders David Dansereau and Michael Garrow, with stroke rehab specialists and survivors joining throughout the program as special guests. Together we will build a Wellness Toolkit for you to use throughout the program to help build a healthy mindset through various lifestyle changes.

Program Outline: 30 minute webinars & Toolkit tasks

  • Finding Your "Why" | Course Introduction | A quick look at Covid-19 and the impact of stroke rehab. Program Goal Setting - Acquiring the tools to begin your journey to take control of life after stroke. 

  • Life's Simple 5 | Managing your lifestyle | Take control of life after stroke by focusing on 5 simple steps. 

  • Let's Get Moving! | It starts with a Breath | Simple at home tools, tips and tricks to keep active and manage your tone.

  • Emotional Wellbeing | Stress & Anxiety | We explore the benefits of mindfulness, psychological support post stoke. 

  • Keep Moving Forward! |Putting it all together | Next Steps - How to Keep Your Body in Balance with Team Enable.Us!

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Take control of  life after stroke

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We've created a forum below for you to ask questions to weekly guests, and engage with other's in the Enable.Us community.

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